Swimming Lessons

Our next course of weekly swimming lessons will begin Monday 13th January 2020.

Swimming Lessons - January 2020

The descriptions for the lessons listed in the attachment can be seen below:

Develop confidence in the water. Learn basic floating, sculling and develop breathing techniques.
Be able to jump in the pool. Improve sculling, floating and breathing techniques. Swim short distance of all four strokes.
Collect object from pool floor, improve sculling and floating, learn how to tread water and swim short distances of all four strokes.
Learn the HELP position, develop floating and treading water techniques, develop techniques in all four strokes, and learn dolphin kicks under water.
Learn different shaped jumps, how to do forward somersaults and handstand in the water, swim longer distances in all 4 strokes inc 25 meters in your favourite stroke.
Learn how to do backward somersault. Learn how to dive. Improve personal survival techniques including swimming with clothes on.
Learn how to plunge dive, swim longer distances in all four strokes and swim an individual medley. Swim as part of a team in a relay race.
Swim 25 metres of breast stroke and butterfly. Swim 50 metres of backstroke and front crawl. Continue to improve floating, sculling and surface dives.