Public Notice

Swimming Pool Closure

Tregaron Swimming Pool is closed until further notice due to Pool Circulation failure.

Swimming Lessons Refund

Due to the unexpected closure of Tregaron Swimming Pool, you are able to collect a refund from Plascrug Leisure Centre or alternatively we do have limited spaces available in the Plascrug Swimming Lessons.

Plascrug Leisure Centre's Swimming Lessons are on a first come first served basis as we only have limited availability, bookings are subjected to spaces available.

Swimming Lessons

The descriptions for the lessons listed in the pdf attachment can be seen below:

The Foundation Phase - Ducklings (3yrs+)

Your child's journey through aquatics starts with Foundation, a programme for developing early-years water confidence, encouraged through sessions such as the Ducklings awards which are offered during the school holidays. Emphasis is on the development of very basic motor skills and an introduction to water and the swimming environment through fun and games.


The duckling's award is for babies and toddlers to explore and enjoy the fun of learning to swim. With the help of their parents/carers, your child will develop confidence both in and out of the water.


These are Learn to swim lessons specifically for disabled children and young people 4+. The lessons will help to improve mobility, balance, agility and water confidence in a supportive environment.

Learn To Swim (Stages 1-7) (4yrs+)

These awards are designed around the ASA Learn To Swim Pathway, the most successful sports programme of its kind and a guarantee to parents that their children are receiving the best possible instruction. Covering 7 stages of the syllabus, the colour-coded badges and certificates have been designed to reward your child for the effort they put into each stage.

Stages 1-7 help develop the core range of FUNdamental skills your child needs to be confident, competent and safe in the water.

This stage helps develop safety awareness, the 'class' scenario, basic movement skills and water confidence skills. Swimmers may use aids, such as armbands and floats.
This stage focuses on safe entry to the water, including jumping in, basic floating, travel on the front and back up to a distance of 5m, and rotating the body to regain an upright position. Swimmers may use armbands and floats.
More on developing safe entries into the water - including submersion - travelling up to 10m on the front and back, and progressing water safety knowledge and body rotation skills from the previous stage.
This stage aids the learner in developing the understanding of buoyancy through a range of skills. Also covered is refining kicking techniques for all strokes. The swimmer has to swim 10m to a standard directed by the ASA.
During this stage swimmers develop 'watermanship' through sculling and treading water skills and body complete rotation. They perform all strokes for 10m to a standard provided by the ASA in the Learn to Swim Framework.
Developing effective swimming skills - including coordinated breathing - across all strokes is the focus of this stage. Learners also have to swim a distance of 25m using a stroke of their choice. Chlidren learn about aspects of water safety.
Children develop quality stroke techniques up to 100m incorporating the skills they have learned, and combine them to develop a linked routine. They also compete an obstacle course combining skills accomplished through stages 1-7.

Competitive Swimming (Stages 8-10)

Once a swimmer has reached Level 7 of the ASA Learn to Swim Framework it is recommeneded that they are then encouraged to take part in different aquatic disciplines to develop their fundamental sport skills. Your child will learn a range of advanced techniques such as swimming continuously over a long distance using a single stroke and advanced starts. There are also awards for each stage (8, 9 and 10).

Rookie Lifesaving (Bronze, Silver, Gold)

If your children are budding lifeguards, then the Rookie Lifeguard Award developed by the Royal Lifesaving Society UK in conjunction with the ASA, should be just what you are looking for. As well as offering parents the comfort of knowing their children are aware of the dangers of swimming in open water, the Bronze, Silver and Gold stage awards ensure children have a solid safety edcuation, and have learned rescue and resuscitation techniques.

Swim Fit

Upon completion of Stage 10, Tregaron Leisure Centre offer a swim fit session which is perfect for those who want to bridge the gap between structured lessons and club swimming.

For detailed criteria on the above stages please visit