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The AYP team deliver inclusive programmes to young people in Ceredigion. There are initiatives for pre-school aged children in nurseries and family centres, at all key stages in schools and after school clubs and programmes in partnership with leisure centres and community clubs.

The aim is to get young people in Ceredigion active, to develop key fundamental movement skills at a young age and to encourage a lifelong positive attitude to health & wellbeing.

Alwyn Davies
Active Young People Manager



To encourage young people to develop key skills and deliver physical opportunities, the AYP coordinate a Young Ambassador (YA) programme across all schools in Ceredigion. This has started to be introduced into community sports clubs. Young Ambassadors set up and deliver sporting opportunities, games and informal play opportunities for other young people in Ceredigion.

The YA programme is a progressive scheme for age and experience where children in Primary Schools are termed Bronze YAs, upper secondary are termed Silver and Gold YAs. We also have young people representing Ceredigion at a National Level – these are termed Platinum YAs. The programme is open and fully inclusive with YAs with disabilities represented at primary and secondary level. There is also a specific leadership programme named Play Unified for young people with learning disabilities. This programme is coordinated through specific resource bases in primary and secondary schools.

Active Families

To allow parents and carers with toddlers the opportunity to develop fundamental movement skills, the AYP team have worked with Families First and Flying Start to give key equipment such as balls, spots, hula hoops and bean bags to help support families. There are many videos available on the Ceredigion Actif YouTube Channel to give ideas to parents and carers regarding different skills.

Education Nurseries and Mudiad Meithrin establishments have benefitted from a well-stocked resource bag which includes key equipment including balance bikes. This allows children the opportunity to be active every day.

Fit in 5

This programme started out when the Foundation Phase at Ysgol Llwyn Yr Eos started getting their children active for a short burst every day. Ceredigion Actif adopted this approach and developed it as an alternative to the national initiative, The Daily Mile. This programme is appropriate for people of all ages and is now an integral part of our ‘Through Age Offer’. The AYP team encourage 5 different activities to be undertaken during each session, with each activity lasting a minute. There are many sessions available on the Ceredigion Actif YouTube Channel.


Inclusive Zone Basketball (IZB) is one of very few games that allows wheelchair users and non-wheelchair users to play together. This has allowed friends and family of wheelchair users to play sport together and has had a positive effect both physically and mentally on many young people with lower limb disabilities in Ceredigion. IZB is played as an extra-curricular sport in 5 secondary schools in Ceredigion with annual fixtures added in. Lately, the national competition has been arranged by the Urdd and Ceredigion has been a strong supporter taking many teams to Cardiff for the event in 2019. Ysgol Gyfun Aberaeron has attended the UK finals in Nottingham having progressed as the winners of the Urdd National Competition in Wales.

Social Media

Sharing information has become paramount to running successful community projects and this is no different in Ceredigion where we have active Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. These are used for daily updates, news of new events, live broadcasts and general sharing of good stories. The Ceredigion Actif YouTube page also stores nearly 300 videos. Please check out our extensive ‘Playlist’ to see what is available: Ceredigion Actif YouTube Channel.

Young Ambassador's

A young ambassador helps to:

  • Encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • Promote the positive values of sportsmanship.
  • Encourage participation in PE, school and community sport.
  • Review and suggest improvements to PE and sports in their schools and communities.
  • Highlight national events to increase knowledge of sports and athletes.
  • Link students with teachers, 5x60 officers and community clubs/coaches.

If you would like more information about Young Ambassadors, you can contact the Active Young People Officer in your area.

A group of young ambassadors